First time in our studio

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts!

Don’t come for yoga class in a rushed panic. Please come early, especially for your first class to allow time to get registered and meet your teacher. The door opens only 30 minutes before class.

If it’s your first time at our studio, please note that you will not be admitted into class late. It is crucial to meet your teacher and take part in the whole class, especially the beginning relaxation and breathing exercise, so that you get the maximum benefits of the yoga.

The door closes right before the class begins!

Registration form

We will ask you to fill out our studio registration form. Please bring an official ID with you (ID card, passport, driving license).

Come prepared

Please do not eat a full meal for minimum 2-3 hours before class. If a special condition prevents this, eat easily digestible foods, i.e. fruit or yogurt, but not less than one hour before the class.

Hydrate properly throughout the day, before you come to class. Avoid carbonated drinks.

What you need


Bring light and comfortable clothes, that allow your movement. Yoga is practiced barefoot, so you don’t need to bring any shoes or socks for the practice.

Yoga mat

You don’t need one. We have plenty of mats at the studio. However, if you want to use your own mat, you can bring it along.


In case you choose to use one of our yoga mats, please bring one large towel (minimum 50 x 170 cm). In case you don’t have one, you will have to rent a towel at the reception. Note: Smaller towels are not allowed for hygiene purposes.


It is not advised that you drink during the yoga practice. Feel free to drink plenty of water (not less than 30 minutes) before and after class.

However, if you feel you must drink, please bring a sealed bottle of still water with you. Carbonated, soft drinks, teas, juices, etc. are not allowed in the yoga practice room.

During class

Please remain in the yoga room for the entire duration of class, this will develop concentration, determination and discipline. Be patient and enjoy this special time dedicated only to yourself!

No mobile phones, shoes, eating, chatting or interruptions are allowed in the yoga rooms, out of respect for the practice and for the others practicing around you.

Should you have any questions about the practice, postures or anything connected to the class, feel free to approach the teacher in the reception & lounge area, once the class finished.

You can unfortunately not leave the studio before the class ends.

After class

Don’t rush to your busy schedule and crazy life. Ideally, take 5-10 minutes to meditate in the class. Focus and become more aware on the changes you feel (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.). Focus as much as you can on the feeling that the practice gave you.

When to come back

Each person is unique, and each practice is different. Try to come at least 2-3 times during your first week of practice, to better discover the benefits that yoga could bring you.